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All Comments

Why is it that when a Hollywood female is mentioned as having a big butt, it is rarely a black female?
Check out this site:

I defy anyone to find a white woman or wanna be white woman(J-Lo), who is f%%ckin wit this
First of all, anyone who rates female Hollywood stars by their butt has some serious problems.

Second of all, Jennifer Lopez wants to be white? That's new to me.
How do I get a bigger butt faster?
Ok so I know this question has been asked millions of times but I never could find a good answer. Im 15 years old and I have very little booty. Im half black and half white . but I look mostly black. I get picked on ALLLL the time for my little butt and Im sick of it. I hate looking in the mirror because I am verrry curvy. but when I turn around its like a big disappointment,

anyways I was wondering how often should I do butt workouts ? because I already know half of the answers are gonna be "do squats"
and I do the workouts I just don't know how often to do them, because I read somewhere that you only gain the muscles when your not working out.

also about the whole "just eat" thing.
does this only work for some people or does it work for everyone ? I don't want a BAM in your face butt i just wants mines to stick out a little more and be more rounder. and i just want to be anything but considered "flat"

right now Ive been eating ALOT of food that contains protein like chicken. and doing a 10 min butt workout once a week. is this going to work? will i see results?

my butt at the momment looks like :

and the butt i want looks like:

see? not too big not too small .. .

please help. thanks .

If you're trying to make your butt bigger than you definitely want to check this out:

Trust me it works wonders! :)

Hope this helps!
Is her butt too big?
Kim Kardashian…………
I've noticed many times actually is too big.
So you think this butt is big?
So, i do not think that bottom is to big, it looks great on that person, nice high heels too!
Flatter butt, skinny?
hi there. i'm a pretty skinny guy, but i'm guessing i've got the whole pear shape syndrome goin on. i've got a pretty big butt for my kind of body type. i don't know if it's genetics or not, but i'd really like to have a flat butt, because buying jeans, especially skinny jeans is very very hard. things are to "accentuated" if you know what i mean. i'm just not sure about how to go about losing the inches, since i'm rail thin everywhere else. i've got a 27/28 waist, but 36 in hips. i feel like a girl. any suggestions on workouts and such? i'm sure some of you will say it's fine, but i'd really like to fix things back there. haha. kinda want a flatter bottom like jared followill's (who's in the picture gallery)

Are you guyding?
For real
What work out can i do to make my body like this in 9 days?

what to do?

im not fat just a lil thicker than her ..
big butt
my boobs arent as big ..
some love handles and belly fat
bigger thighs .. so what can i do to get a body like hers???
if you never work out before, 9 days won't bring you anywhere... i'm being honest.

you need at least 3 weeks if you work out everyday to see some differences. do some jogging or fast walking at the beginning if you can't jog. plus some light weight training, you will look better that her.
Guys, what do you think is most attractive on a girl?
Just pick one, thanks. =]

A- A small butt…
B- A medium butt…
C- A big butt…
C lol I love Kim Kardashians body shape ;)
Men, physically, are you more attracted to big bums or medium bums?
Men, physically, are you more attracted to big bums or medium bums?

Example of big bums for question

Example of medium bums for question
medium or small

on some girls the big ones work
My boyfriend made me gian weight and now dumped me! Do i look good fat? Should i stop?
I used to be a small girl: 5' 4" and about 100lbs, then i met my boyfriend jake
whenever i am with him, we always go out for ice cream or something and he buys a huge one and feeds it too me. Then, i balloned up to 155lbs. Finally, he couldn't hold back, he told me that he like bigger girls and was going to fatten me up to no end. I thought i loved him, so i went with it, but he wants me to gain so much weight. After just 3 years of dating jake, i had gained 280lbs. I was now 385lbs and hating life. I had snapped all my pants waistbands except for one pair of stretch pants, but even they couldn't contain me. I have 70"HH boobs-66"belly-84"butt
people have called ma a very pretty, proportional fatty
People say i look like this except with a much bigger belly, little bit bigger boobs, and a bigger butt
The clothes she has on is pretty much the only thing i can fit into anymore. Stretch pants pulled up to belly button, with t-shirt (but t-shirt isn't big enough to cover whole belly). I am quite embarrassed by my belly, and one time when i was in the grocery store, my belly ripped a pair of stretch pants, and my belly exploded out while knocking down a tower of cereal. My belly hung too much to be able to walk comfortably then, so i had to lift it so it rode on top of the kart. Do you know how embarassing it was to have a kart full of 30 froze pizzas, and 5 gallons of eggnog while having my belly ride on the kart. Everyone was staring at me, and when the guy loaded the kart for my departure, he asked me to move my belly. Then when he was done, my belly was too heavy for me to lift, and i had to ask him to help me. OMG the horror, a true story none the less. That was the last day i went to that grocery store.
Just imagine this girl, same hair, glasses, clothes (except more of my belly is showing, around 15 inches instead of 6), but with bigger boobs, a 3x fatter belly, and a 2x fatter butt.

I think i look good for a fat girl, but i am quite chubby and jiggle more and more everyday. I am thinking about calling someone to see if i could model, but my mom would hate me.
For health reasons i recommend that you start to eat healthy and go to the gym
good luck
A thin girl, with curves, average boobs average butt, but looks cute in dresses. (Not so skinny but like average) Skinny girl example type would be -…
(First slide)

Or a thick girl with curves, big butt, and big boobs.…
I don't see much difference between those two, except for that the first case is normal photograph and the second rather "cartoon-style"...
So, I really don't know what the whole of this question is about !!!
Especially the word "thick" in relation to the 2nd photo is completely ridiculous. I know what is a thick girl. Not that one .......

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