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Any ideas for homemade male sex toys?
Getting a bit bored of just using my hand, so I'm wondering, does anyone know of any really good easy to make and cheap to make homemade male sex toys?

lots of homemade sex toys and sex dolls at this site www.makerealsextoys.com
How to make homemade sex toys? ,,,,, for males,, ,,,,,, 10 PTS?
easy,,,, doesnt required buying stuff,,,,,,, very soft,,,,,,something creative
Google "how to make fifi". You can thank me later.
What is a good homemade toy that is easy to make?
(sex toy for a guy by the way)

Check those out.
I personally recommend the "Couch Love"

Although make sure the cushions aren't placed so that the zipper will brush against you penis. I didn't check, hurt like hell.

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