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Can anyone give me some good avice about my girlfriend?
ok my girlfriend nakeitha aka my sexy black babe....and im white by the way. we want to have guys..but i already have 5 little girls. im also rich and insane. so nakeitha has bad gas after dinner and she snores like a warthog like should i hit her when she makes noise or should i get her the surgery. im so confused. anyways were off to popeyes for dinner, were finally allowed back, last time we got kicked for "lewed behavior". there is nothing wrong with showing intimacy in the washroom. like its 2010 people stop being so sexually repressed
trolls are tasty in milk-
2006 FIFA World Cup Users, which one is better?
Hot sexy babe wearing football kit with better "skills"


A good looking babe with sexy black leather lingerine with limited "skills"
My dear Arshan,

It is better to be thought a fool, than to ask a question and remove all doubt.
Which would be a better gift for my sister?
My little sister is turning 18 y/o and she's dying for a pair of black sexy heels... Her mom will not buy them to her, and my sis have no money, so... I'm giving the shoes as gift. She's used to 3" pumps and want some black sexy heels... here are my two options:
Which will be better for a 18 y/o girl as first sexy shoes?

Option A:
Option B:
I would go w/ option A for starters...Patent is VERY "in" right now and those shoes are very classy and dressy but not slutty looking. I really like them.
Which is hotter for my GF?
I'll give give my GF a pair of black heels for her birthday, she loves heels and was thinking between these two options:

Option A:
Option B:

She loves to wear capri pants with heels... which option will be better?

dont shop for it on ebayy..

I'd be upset if my bf did that
Has anybody ever heard of Carolyn Peck?
The head basketball coach of the lady florida Gators? I think that is one hot black babe who has sexy pantyhose covered legs!
1999 NCAA championship head coach Carolyn Peck, current head coach at the University of Florida, returned to the USA Basketball sidelines in 2004 after assisting the 1997 USA R. William Jones Cup Team to a 6-1 record and the silver medal.

In her second stint on the sidelines, Peck not only helped the 2004 USA Junior World Championship Qualifying Team collect the gold medal with a perfect 5-0 record, the U.S. earned a 2005 FIBA Junior World Championship berth in the process.

With just four years (1997-98 to present) of collegiate head coaching under her belt, Peck has built quite a resume' along the sidelines. Boasting an 85-41 record for a .675 winning percentage, Peck is one of only eight active collegiate basketball head coaches to have captured a NCAA championship.

After serving the 1996-97 season as an assistant coach for a Purdue University (Ind.) squad that finished 17-11 and advanced to the NCAA second round, Peck was elevated to the head coach position. In her first season she led the Boilermakers to a 23-10 record, the Big Ten Conference Tournament crown and the 1998 NCAA Elite Eight. She topped that the following season by going 34-1, 16-0 in the Big Ten regular season, earning another Big Ten Tournament title, and closed the season by cutting down the nets following the ‘99 NCAA title game.

Peck was amply rewarded by the media and her peers for her work at Purdue. She was named the 1999 National Coach of the Year by both the Associated Press and the WBCA, and was also named by both conference coaches and media the ‘99 Big Ten Coach of the Year.

She most recently completed a stunning turn-around at Florida, the biggest in the program's history. After winning just nine games in her first season coaching a young and injured Lady Gators team, Peck's 2003-04 squad rebounded for a 19-11 finish, earned an at-large bid to the 2004 NCAA Tournament and advanced to the second round.

Prior to arriving at Florida, Peck spent three seasons (1999-2001) as the head coach for the WNBA Orlando Miracle, where she posted a 44-52 record and took her 2000 squad to the WNBA playoffs.

Peck served her first two years (1993-94 to 1994-95) on the sidelines as an assistant coach to Pat Summit and the University of Tennessee Lady Vols. During her two seasons at Tennessee, the Lady Vols finished as the 1995 NCAA runner-up, advanced to the 1994 Sweet Sixteen, captured two Southeastern Conference titles and compiled a 65-5 record. In each of Peck's seasons, Tennessee earned the SEC championship with unblemished 11-0 conference records. Following her two seasons at UT, Peck spent one year (1995-96) as an assistant coach at the University of Kentucky before joining the Purdue staff for the 1996-97 season.

Peck played collegiately at Vanderbilt University (Tenn.) and aided the Commodores to a 77-42 record in four years (1984-85 to 1987-88) and a pair of NCAA Tournaments (1986, 1987). Selected to the 1988 All-SEC second team, Peck amassed 1,240 points, 679 rebounds and 180 blocked shots.
Why blacks can love whites?
I'm a black. I met my sexy babe at which is the best free interracial dating site. She is white and she is very beautiful with sexy body. We are planning to get married this year. But her parents cannot accept me for my color. How to do?
Learn speak more better.
How to look sexy in a picture(:?
I want to take some sexy pictures for my babe in my bra and panties(: i REALLY don't want some stupid lecture about how it's wrong. I learned the hard way, and honestly everyone's already seen them now so it won't matter if there's a few more. It brings back the excitement in our relationship(: but anyway, i have nooooo boobs at all, so my bras all either the little guy ones (blehhh) or they're black, white, and tan. What color should i wear? And what color panties? I'm a cutter, so i cut my hip sooo almost all my panties are boyshorts so i can hide them. He knows about it, so i'm not worried about wearing a bikini one or something. Soo help on colors? AND i have to take this picture on my own obviously, so how should I pose to look sexy? And I'm not fat, so my small boobs don't look too bad, but HELP!! I wanna look hott!! (: thanks guys! I'm 16 by the way
Wear black I guess.
No offense but, this question is retarded in about a million ways.
I'm starting to like white girls (and I'm a black guy)?
I love women of all races, especially the ones of my race. But for about a few years or so, I found myself being more attracted to white girls more.

When I say white girls, I don't mean just any white girl. I mean the pretty ones. The ones that look like something...the sexy ones like the blondes and brunettes. There had been times where I found myself getting "aroused" from white women more than I have women of my own race. Not only that, but the white women are kind of nicer than the blacks. They don't have all that attitude and stuff going on (though, there are white women out here who got attitudes! Trust me!)

But the question I'm asking is...Is that wrong? I never told anybody this, but is it wrong for me to be attracted to white women more than the women of my race? You see, I don't think I would ever introduce a white woman to my family because I think they would probably freak out! LOL.....but honestly, I have seen some good looking caucassian babes that has beat out some of these black girls out here....and some white girls have boobs & booty too!

Just thought I be honest. Am I wrong for telling the truth?
I think it's fine for you to like a white girl, just because your black it doesnt mean you cant be with a white girl. I mean i'm mixed asian but i fancy men from all other the world. I just dont think its fine for you to catergorise all black women, you only know about the black women you've been with, it doesnt mean the rest of the black women round the world have "attitude" etc. Also you cant really say white women are kinder than black women because you havent met all the black/white women of the world.

Just dont forget who you are and where you came from,
Other than that, go for it.
Ideas for cute affectionate nick name for my boyfriend?
Ok he is tall, has this sexy body, he is black and really cute we call each other ''babe'' all the time and he just texted me calling me ''fancy face'' now i need another name for him besides ''babe'' any ideas?>3 thanks!
hunky bear?
MR. Abs

idk :/

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